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Tainos in New York

Articles about Taino History and the Taino Cultural Restoration Movement, 1997-2013 is a collection of pieces by journalist and poet Rick Kearns.  Kearns started exploring the topic of Taino heritage from a very young age.  By the late 90s he began to publish these articles in regional and national publications including Native Americas (based in Cornell Univ.) and Indian Country Today Media Network, the largest indigenous news publication in the Western Hemisphere.   

These articles feature accounts from standard academic histories as well as oral histories and events of Tainos with roots in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and elsewhere. This book marks one first, it is the first time that the complete translated interview with novelist Tina Casanova appears in print.  (The original in Spanish was published in another venue.) Casanova is the author of a series of novels based on the multi-generational story of a Taino family from Puerto Rico.

The author has Taino ancestry through the Morales side of his family in Puerto Rico.  

Many of these pieces were archived in the former Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink website; and a few of these articles have been reposted in at least 50 websites, blogs and other internet forums around the world.

Kearns has also written poems with Taino themes that appeared in his books, including in two collections of poems, Rufino's Secret (Foothills Publishing, 2011) and The Body of My Isla & other poems (©Rick Kearns 2007).




Tainos in New York, Articles about Taino History and the Taino Cultural Restoration Movement, 1997-2013 - $22 

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