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Photos by Bill Keisling

Zambra Flamenca CD

Zambra Flamenca is guitarist Paco de Nada and percussionist Ricardo Kearns. Paco de Nada is a renowned flamenco guitarist who has performed across the United States, Central America and Spain for over 40 years. He fell in love with flamenco guitar in Mexico where he started his studies. Paco has co-founded four flamenco troupes in Pennsylvania and is also a well-respected poet and painter. Ricardo Kearns is a flamenco percussionist, playing mostly cajon in this recording, along with a bodhran on two cuts. He has been accompanying Paco for over 16 years. Ricardo has also studied Latin and African drumming.This recording includes two sessions, in 2000 and 2001, at Frank's Place in Harrisburg, Pa, a cozy home studio full of cat hair and wild spiritual energy. The magnificent footwork of noted dancer La Cubanita (Dileiby Saez) can be heard in both sessions. La Cubanita has worked with Zambra Flamenca and other troupes for 15 years. Cover art by MP Landis of Portland, Maine.


 Zambra Flamenca - $17

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